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June 5th - June 12th 2017

- Accounting 

Accounting PPT

Balance Sheet

Income Statement PPT

Balance Sheet Worksheet

Income Statement Worksheet

Cash Flow PPT


May 17th - 26th 2017 

- Marketing 

Marketing PPT


4 P's & 2 C's PPT

Taking Notes Assignment 

Print Ad Assignment

May 8-12th 2017

- Savings & Investing 

Chapter 14 PPT Updated

Savings worksheet

April 24-29th 2017

- Banking

Chapter 13 PPT

Banking PPT Cont'd

Banking Assignment

April 12-19th 2017

- What is Money?

Chapter 12 PPT

Income Review Questions 

Review Questions Cont'd 

Budgeting PPT

Budgeting Questions 

April 11th 2017

- Your Money, Your Life Activity 

Budgeting in-class activity

Week 9-11

- Market Conditions and Business Environments 

Chapter 5 Textbook

Chapter 5 PPT

Chapter 5 Questions


Week 7-9

- Factors Affecting Business Success 

Chapter 4 Textbook

E-commerce Research Questions

Chapter 4 PPT

Chapter 4 Questions 


Week 4-6

- Impact of Business on the community

Chapter 3 Textbook

Chapter 3 PPT

Chapter 3 Questions

Personality Assignment 


Week 2-4

- Types of Business Ownership 

Chapter 2 Textbook

Business Ownership Video

Chapter 2 PPT

Chapter 2 Questions 


Week 1-2

- Needs, Wants & Business 

Chapter 1 Textbook

Chapter 1 PPT

Chapter 1 Questions

Course Outline