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Final Stretch

- Culminating

Culminating Overview

Step 1 - Business Plan

Business Plan Template

Step 2 - Excel

Step 3 - PowerPoint

Step 4 - Website

Step 5 - Reflection


Week 14-16

- PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tutorial

Technology in the classroom assignment


Week 12-14

- Excel Assignments

Personal Budget

Student Averages Assignment

Blue Jays Assignment

Employee Discount Assignment


Week 14-16

- Excel Logical Functions 

Logical Functions workbook "4"

"IF" function

"AND", "OR" function

Combining all 3 functions


Week 12-14

- Excel Functions 
(Workbook - Experience Level 1 Function Examples)

Math Functions
Workbook "4" 

Date & Time Functions Workbook "4"

Excel Graphing 


Week 10-12

-Intro to Excel 
-Download Master Workbook

Intro to excel tutorial Video

Intro to Excel - Budget

Excel Tutorial - Part 2

Video with workbook - "Auto Fill Demonstration"

Excel PPT - Functions and Formula's


Week 8 - 10

- Microsoft Word 
- Resume
- Cover Letter 
- Flyer
- Teacher for a day

Resume PPT

Resume Formatting Video

Cover Letter Tutorial

Create a Flyer

Teacher for a day assignment 

Comic Strip

Comic Strip Videos 

Timeline Assignment

Timeline Video


Week 7

- Personal Webpage

Webpage Assignment

Week 2-6

- Simple Web page Assignment


Using HTML & CSS with Notepad

Week 1

-Intro to web design
-Intro to HTML & CSS

Khan Academy Tutorials 

Week X

- Typing 

Beginner Typing

Practice Typing

Ultimate Typing Test