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Announcements:  Career Assignment Due - March 3rd 2017

Week 10

- Cover Letter

Cover Letter Example

Week 9

- Resume

Resume Example

Week 8

- Research that Job

Career Assignment 

Week 7

- Personality Assignment 

Personality Assignment

Week 5

- United Nations 

United Nations PPT

United Nations worksheet

Week 4

- Charter of Rights and Freedoms
- Global Citizenship 

Charter PPT


NGO Assignment 

Global Citizen PPT

Global Citizen homework

Week 3

- Life in Totalitaria 
- Branches of Government
- How a Bill becomes a law

Totalitaria Reading

Branches of Gov't PPT

Branches of Gov't Worksheet

How a bill becomes a law video

How a Bill becomes a law diagram

Canada's Election Process PPT

Election worksheet

Canada's voting system videos 


Week 2

- Different forms of government
- Levels of government 
- Political Spectrum

Government PPT

Forms of gov't worksheet

Levels of gov't PPT

Levels of Gov't worksheet

Political Spectrum

Poltical Spectrum worksheet

Week 1

- Introduction to Civics
- How to be a good citizen

Leadership PPT

Leadership worksheet

Community PowerPoint

Community Worksheet

Intro PowerPoint


Citizen PowerPoint


Course Outline