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2020 Culminating - Mr. Singh's BBQ

Exam Assignment

Exam Review Topics 

Week 11


Impromptu Outline 

Impromptu Criteria 

Impromptu Evaluation


Week 10

Ratios and Comparative Analysis 

Chapter 12.3 PPT

Week 9

Merchandising Accounting 

Merchandising PowerPoint (1)

Merchandising PowerPoint (2) 

Merchandising PPT (3)

COGS question

Merchandising Questions 10.1

Merchandising Answers 10.1


Week 8

Cash Accounting 

Accounting for Cash Receipts - Video Lesson 

Accounting for cash receipts PPT

Petty Cash PPT

Petty Cash Question


Bank Rec. PPT

Bank Reconcilation Question 

Reconciliation Answer

Bank Reconciliation Review Question 

Bank Reconciliation 
Review Answers 


Week 7

Case Study

Mr. Singh's BBQ

Mr. Singh's BBQ - Financial Statements

Mr. Singh's Bake Sale

Mr. Singh's Bake Sale - Financial Statements 

Carnival Financial Statements 

Week 6 

- Adjusting Entries 
- Depreciation
- Closing Accounts 

Worksheet Template (Word & Excel)

Adjusting Entries Video Lesson

Worksheet Lesson

Closing Accounts

Depreciation lesson

Adjusting Entries PPT

Adjusting Entries 8.1 PPT

Worksheet PPT 8.2

Adjusting Entries Questions 8.1

Adjusting Ent.  8.1 Answers

Worksheet Questions 8.2

Worksheet Answers

Closing Accounts PPT

Depreciation Power Point (1)

Depreciation PowerPoint (2)

Depreciation PowerPoint (3)

Depreciation Questions

Depreciation Answers 

Depreciation homework #2

Depreciation Answers #2

Closing Account homework 8.3

Closing Account Answers

Homework Review Answers 


Week 21-22

- Real Estate Assignment 


Week 20-21

- Posting 

Posting PPT


Posting Question


Posting Answers

Error Detecting PPT

Error detecting homework

Error detecting Answers


Week 20

- Apprentice Assignment 



Week 19

- Financial Ratio Assignment


Week 16-18

- Sales Tax (HST)


HST Remittance

Practice Journal Entries with Tax

General Journal Assignment 

Question #3, Page #206

Question #3 Ans.

Question #6, Pg. 218 


Question #6 Ans. 

Question #7, pg. 220

Question #7 Ans. 


Week 12-16

- General Journal 

General Journal PPT 

General Journal transactions 

Source documents

Source Document Questions

Exercise #1 Question

Exercise #1 pg. 180 Answers 

Exercise #2

Exercise #2 Answers 


Week 8-12 

- Income Statement

Income Statement PPT

Case Study 

Chapter 5 PPT

Practice Test

Practice Test Answers


Week 4-8

- T- Accounts (Debt & Credit)
- Ledger 
- Trial Balance  
- Capital Account - Owner's Equity 

Debt & Credit PPT

Trial Balance 


Capital Account PPT

Debt/Credit Case - T.Barkley

T.J. Chan Case

Spalding Consultants Case 

N.A. James Case

Spalding Answers

N.A. James Answers


Week 1-4 

- Analyzing Transactions 
- Balance Sheet 

Intro to Accounting  

Transaction PPT

Transactions homework

Balance Sheet PPT

Balance Sheet homework

Balance Sheet Answers 

Extra Transaction homework

Course Outline