Are you tired of memorizing facts? How about listening to the teacher talk for the duration of class? Welcome to our business department where the focus of our classes experiential learning. Learn business through practical applications and activities for a more enriched learning experience. 


Thinking about taking business courses? Take a look below to learn more about business courses in High School 


Why take business courses?


Take a look at this promo video done by East High School

Here is a short clip of Amy Hillman, Dean of  W. P. Carey School of Business, explaining the importance of business courses 

What business courses should you take?


Introduction to Business (Grade 9 or 10) 


Introduction to Information Technology in Business (Grade 9 or 10) 


Accounting (Grade 11 or 12)


Entrepreneurial Studies (Grade 11 & 12)


Information Technology (Grade 11 or 12)


International Business (Grade 11 or 12)


Marketing (Grade 11 or 12)


Business Leadership (Grade 11 or 12)


Feel free to download a full presentation on business courses at the grade 9,10,11 & 12 level by clicking below