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Exam Review

Week 11

- Accounting & Budgeting 



Balance Sheet

Income Statement

Balance Sheet exercise


Income Statement Exercise

Week 10

- Pricing Strategies 

Chapter 10 PPT

Pricing Strategies Questions

Week 9 

- Analyzing competition 

Chapter 9 PPT

Scavenger Hunt

Week 8 

- Market Research

Chapter 8 PPT

Week 7

- The Venture Plan 

Chapter 7 Terms 

How to write a business plan

8 Quick steps to write a business plan

Plan your business

Benefits of  having a business plan

Importance of having a business plan

Mistakes when starting a business

Chapter 7 PPT


Business Plan Assignment


Week 6

- Invention & Innovation 

Chapter 5 Terms 

Chapter 5 PPT

Chapter 5 Questions 

Week 4

- Challenges and Changes in the labour market 

Chapter 4 terms 

Chapter 4 PPT

Chapter 4 questions

Labour Trends Article

Infographic Assignment

Infographic Examples

Week 3

- Movie 21

21 questions 

Chapter 3 PPT

Chapter 3 Review Questions 

SWOT Analysis

Week 2

- Entrepreneurship Characteristics & Traits 

- Entrepreneurship characteristic assignment 

Chapter 2 PPT

Characteristic Assignment

Week 2

- Apprentice Assignment 

Apprentice Assignment

Apprentice Rubric

Week 1

- Intro to Entrepreneurship 

Meaning of Entrepreneurship PPT

Chapter 1 PPT

Chapter 1 Questions

Course Outline