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Week 11

- Financial Statement Analysis

Analysis PPT

Analysis Assignment

Analysis Answers

Week 10

- Bonds

Bonds PPT

Week 9

- Corporation 

Corporation PPT

The Corporate Structure 

Recording Share Transactions 

Cash Dividends 

Share Dividends 

Corporation assignment 


Week 8

- Parternships 

Parternship PPT

Partnership in-class assignment 

Partnership assignment answers

Week 7

- Capital Assets 

Capital Assets PPT

Chapter 10 in-class Assignment

Chapter 10 in-class Assignment Answers

Week 6

- Short-Term Assets 

Accounting for Receivables PPT

Chapter 9 in-class Assignment

Accounts Receivable Questions 

Answers for Accounts Recievable questions


Week 6

- Accounting in Real Estate



Week 5

-Financial Ratio Assignment


Week 4

- Apprentice 

Apprentice Assignment 

Assignment Rubric

Week 3

- Inventory 

Inventory PPT

Inventory PPT 2017

In-class assignment 

Assignment Answers

Practice Problem 

Practice Problem Solutions


Week 2

- Accrued vs Deferred 
-Accounting assignment using excel
- Intro to Merchandising Acccounting  

Accrued vs Deferred PPT


Transaction Template

T-Account Template

Balance Sheet Template

Trial Balance Template

Income Statement Template

Merchandising PPT

Merchandising In class assignment 

Merchandising PPT (MUGS)

In class merchandising Problem

Merchandising PPT (Nemesis Sports)

Merchandise exercises 

Merchandise Answers


Week 1-2

- Accounting Fundamentals 
- Analyzing Transactions 
- 4 Financial Statements 
- Assets, Liabilities & O/E

Chapter 1 PowerPoint

Chapter 1 In Class Assignment

Chapter 1 Assignment Answers

Chapter 2 PowerPoint 

Course Outline